Bombay Film Makers would be glad to have you as the Official Partner in any of the project you wish, depending upon your interest as well as your budget. Currently we are looking for Films. We provide various services.


You are Investor (in form of Private Investor, Investment Manager, Fund House, NRI Investor etc.) who is looking for Low Risk - High Return asset class as an alternative or addition to investment in stock, bonds, futures, options, real-estate, gold, or any other financial product.

Film Package Analysis

Strong Script with Mass Appeal

Star Cast, Writer, Director & Music; Director with saleability (High Market Value)

Strong focus on marketing

Pre sells all the territories (except 1 -2) and other rights (DVD, Music, Satellite, Overseas, Product Placement, etc.) of the Movie before the Release.

Company plan to recover all the Money of Investor in the project even before the Movie is Released.

Revenues generated from exclusive territory go directly to the bottom line (Profit)

Why Investment in Film Getting Popular?

Two main reasons:

Investors are realizing that if the Film Package (Screenplay, Cast, Director, Studio, etc.) is good, then the risk is reduced and the chances of earning high returns are increased.

Investment in films is catching up as additional investment class to diversify the investment portfolio beside stock, real estate, gold, etc.

How Much do I Need to Invest?

Low budget movies(Hindi)- INR 5-8 Cr

Mid budget (Marathi/Bhojpuri/Punjabi)-INR 3-4 Cr.

You can invest as less as INR 1 Cr. (in Hindi / Marathi / Bhojpuri / Punjabi Movies) or take over full Movie too as per your financial capability.

Marathi / Bhojpuri / Punjabi Movies provide better ROI as marketable cast and cost of production \ marketing is not expensive

Am I Investing in First Timers?

Please note that we deal with established Star Cast, Production Houses/Distributors, etc. who have done movies before. We analyse the Film packet (cast, story, distributor, etc.) based on its return potential. You can / will have face to face meeting in the studio office before you sign the ‘co-production and other agreements’.

What Are The Expected Returns?

Returns on each Film varies (some can be below-average, some can be average and some can be super hit) just like the returns on each share (in stock market) varies even after good analysis. But, if you take film making as an additional investment class in your portfolio and become long term investor and diversify and invest in couple of movies, you can get 30 – 35% compounded annual return on your investment.

How Can I Get More Information?

A successfully-hedged motion picture investment presents the possibility of High Level Returns, while at the same time minimizing down side risk.


We can decide for the terms and conditions as how to join hands, we are open with terms which can be beneficial for both the parties, either you can be Silent Financial Partner or Active Financial Partner, which ever comforts you.

Sign ‘Letter of Intention to Invest’ with us. There is no legal binding to invest but strong intention to invest provided you like one of the film project proposals presented to you.

Sign agreements with us and studio once you are ready to invest in a particular film.

Release payment in bank account.

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